Anthony Brown @ LW/NW
Anthony is the principle barber at Rich City Barber Shop. He specializes in all hair types and hair styles.
Sharon Pogorel @ LW
Sharon has been in the barbering industry for over ten years. She specializes in flattops, scissors over comb, and skin fades. She has worked in barbershops from Michigan to Florida.
Ricky Cave @ LW
Ricky C has taken his precision haircuts from New York City to Florida. He is a technician with a pair of clippers. From feathery layers to standard military haircuts, he does it all.
Sky the Barber @ LW
Sky is a Master Barber. Sky specializes in Gentlemen cuts and flawless fades, and razor-sharp lines and edges. She also cuts and colors both men and women.
Rick Perla @ LW
Rick is a master barber with over twenty five years experience in the barbering industry. He specializes in flattops, scissors over comb, and gentlemen haircuts. Rick has worked in exclusive barber shops from Massachusetts to Orlando, Florida.
Carolyn has been a master barber for over 20 years. For 5 years, she worked with our troops on Patrick Air Force Base as a principle barber. Detailed gentlemen cuts finished off with a straight edge razor is her specialty.
Sirbastien Holley @ NW
Sirbastien was an instructor at the academy of cosmetology for two years and has been a Master Barber for five years.
Walter Garcia @ NW
Walter has been a licensed professional barber for 3 years. His gifted hands and meticulous attention to detail makes him a rising star in the barbering industry.
Rich City Barber